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🇬🇧 The vision of masculine energy in me...

Text initially written in French, translated by a robot because I was an unruly student in English class. Thank you for all your indulgence…

It is the Wisdom man who now expresses himself through me because I finally let him speak to me.

I don't sulk him anymore, I don't ask him to be silent. I no longer blame him for my immobility on the pretext of being a bad traveling companion.

I finally let him talk to me because it's actually me talking to me. My masculine energy in me is no dormant anymore. He walks by my side because he fully has his place, just like the feminine who listens to him today with kindness and tenderness :

« You, woman, my beloved, my ally. I stayed behind for a long time because you weren't ready to listen to me yet. I have been patient with compassion. I let you be, in all progression, one step after another. I have been waiting for your desire to get it all with everything I have to offer you. And I want to let you know that I have just as much to receive from your sublime femininity.

Humanity changes, it seeks itself, it grows at its own pace, but now it fully realizes that inaction leads to sclerosis, just as acting without prior reflection subjects it to all dangers. Humanity needs to understand that it carries within their two forces what balance between thought and action, intuition and manifestation, subtlety and strength. You were talking about tightrope walking, I agree with you, it's an image that can easily be understood. Similarly, there are dreams which are exercises to be able to understand a lesson of life more easily.

Come on Soulmate, jump off the cliff, dive with me, don't be afraid. Feel the liberating sensation of such confidence in your own body until you are surprised by the invigorating water upon your arrival.

I am your first step, I am your momentum, I am that power that spreads wings that you never thought you had, just like the strength to allow you to dive into the depths of your soul without being afraid of drowning there.

I have carried you so many times so that the weight of life is less heavy on you, to show you that my arms are strong and that they can take hold of everything in you.

I am the one who helps you to overcome all the boundaries of your body, all the limits of your thoughts, all the difficulties on your journey, all the ramparts that prevent you from reaching yourself.

Feel my power because it is yours. Take the trust I offer you because it belongs to you. Drink the water of change that I serve for you because it has been swirling in you forever until it reaches the lips that you finally open. No longer live in apnea, no longer prevent yourself from refreshing the smallest of your cells. Swim in your troubled waters without fear for they are only waiting to be clarified by your will.

I ask you to act, to act in truth, without validation outside yourself, without approval from anyone, without waiting for it to be the right time for others to the detriment of yours.

You have experienced the consequences of broken promises, lies, fear, clumsiness, the absolute expectation of others.

You have experienced passivity to conform to what was expected of you and what you expected from others so that they in turn conform to your own expectations to be reassured.

You have experienced what is superfluous to you today because there is a time to survive with excuses and a time to finally live without apologizing for living. But now you are running out of breath because you have always sought to breathe the air of truth into yourself.

Assert yourself by my side, not against anything or anyone but for you, and only you. Don't justify yourself for being you because just being you is right.

It is when you get lost that you feel the urge to go home. I have always been there, it is my role to lead you where you want to go and wait for you to ask me to come back. We have chosen to make it understood. This world is our school and this waking dream is an exercise like any other to manifest a Love which can only be called Love.

There are those who do not know that they are lost in their own sleep, they will get there in due time. In the meantime, they are as busy as they can. They identify with the masks and costumes they wear, taking their existence with such heaviness and limitation, but they do what they can.

This has been your case for a very long time. By dint of attempts, you have inscribed in yourself the need to see beyond the appearances that your inner world manifests, to better observe what is playing out especially in you through it.

You are the key that I am handing you, you are the door that opens all possibilities. Like stairs, you can climb them endlessly.

You asked me to take you home because you are tired of looking elsewhere, outside yourself, for the ideal conditions to find the direction of your journey. It was in you, inside you, in the less comfortable areas, that you finally had the strength to call me.

I am your inner voice, your deep way, that connects you to what is beyond you here and which you have understood elsewhere.

I am All and I am not only that. You are free to relate to me or make yourself believe that you are sufficient on your own. But you couldn't be You if I wasn't Me.

I reign over your life but do not rule it, yet... You could not ascend your throne without the crown that I propose to you. To take back the royal road of your life is to realize that while you set out to conquer other territories, you are leaving your seat to the mercy of false servants who speak and act on your behalf.

Resuming the royal road of your life is wanting to be back in your own kingdom, not for fear that we will take your place but because it is the place that is yours, you have precisely understood that you do not there more seats to rule over others.

Be You, this is your only path of evolution, not of revolution. Be the expression of what makes you feel much more than that, of what makes you believe and grow in yourself, of what connects you to your Great You, to the world, to your inner world, to the universe, to the Everything, to the Nothing. You are your own path, in complete freedom.

Take back the reign of your life and wake up because you are finally ready for change. Everything can lead you to Me, therefore to You, except the illusion of freely believing the contrary.

By loving you in unity, by merging your sacred feminine with your sacred masculine, by uniting this divine inner couple of which I am a part, you espouse your entire life. It's time to celebrate your own wedding anniversary with joy !

I am with you. I love you ! »


How get back to the course of things after that ?

How can I continue to restrict myself after hearing all these words that I have written to myself ?

By C.

May 31, 2020


I closed the door, gave the keys to the apartment owner and hit the road on July 1, 2020.

Several months later, during a shamanic ritual to celebrate the winter solstice, on a small beach on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, I burnt in a sacred fire, with my wisdom part, all that was now useless to me to make room for unconditional love for life...

And unconditional love for men and all humanity.

In front of the flames, I wondered if this world, both dissonant and harmonious, should burn in pain or choose instead to burn its pains to reborn for good ?

Since Humanity is my own mirror, I obviously wish it to know the same peace that I feel at this present moment, in this winter solstice, the longest night of the year.

Quite a symbol... What is the place of our inner sun in the face of the dark stages of our lives ? Are they intended to reveal it each other ? Moon and sun are they allies, like an incessant dance in unity, that goes beyond all rational understanding ?

Me, solar personality, sign of fire, am I calling, from the depths of my soul in fire, my astral completeness in myself, accepting by now any form of duality of my experiences ?

Is this the image of the phoenix rising from its ashes ?


What is this crazy concept called

Le complexe de la moule ?

The Persian poet Rumi said that we have to keep breaking our hearts until it opens.

A few centuries later, the Lebanese author Khalil Gibran said that we are like walnuts. We have to be broken to be discovered.

According to a contemporary Mediterranean woman who chose uncomplexing joy as the best surgery to repair ourselves from our own illusions, this vision of walnuts turns into a shell, or even a mussel... !

Through her own story, she offers a new way of seeing life without drama, only informations to realign us with the heart's aspirations.

She understood that all borders, within and around us, become uncomfortable when we decide to grow up.

But even if the comfort zone is sometimes so reassuring, can we admit that we are really ourselves when we are more than ourselves ?


So let's talk very seriously without taking ourselves seriously !

It is not about seeing life through the prism of rightdoing and wrongdoing, but being authentic, with the heart of a child who do not need a proof to exist.

- C -

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